Our Approach

Stevens Construction Co., Inc. provides specific expertise for all facets of the delivery process (pre-bond, planning, design, construction, etc.) without the owner having to retain individuals on the payroll for those specific tasks. The key element to a successful construction manager is effective planning. Decisions made at the early stages of the design process have the most impact on the success of the project. Early involvement in the preconstruction phase allows Stevens Construction to establish project controls at the beginning of design development, addressing all issues that affect the constructability, cost and schedule of a project. By involving a professional Stevens Construction from the earliest stages of your project, you maximize your chances to achieve a smooth and trouble-free construction process and a facility that meets your needs.


Before Launching Projects Stevens Construction Co., Inc. develops:

  • General project characteristics and performance requirements
  • Site analysis and selection
  • Development of a preliminary budget and comprehensive master schedule
  • Apportionment of general funding among a number of individual tasks according to specific project needs
  • Establishment of a management information and reporting system to meet your requirements
  • Development of detailed and complete bid documents to assure timely, responsive and comparable bids, while avoiding questions and protests
  • Perform life-cycle cost analyses and other reviews to maximize the return on your construction investment
  • Develop a detailed design schedule and supervise its implementation
  • Review design in progress to assure construct ability with minimal changes and minimize problems in the field
  • Develop detailed component cost estimates at every design submittal during the bid process
  • Conduct pre-bid conferences to clarify the project’s needs and assure responsive bids
  • Assure that all bid documents are clear and all questions are answered
  • Help you evaluate and compare bids
  • Recommend bidders for contract award while the construction is underway
  • Assure that all contractors, subcontractors and other participants fully understand the project’s design and requirements at every stage
  • Deliver timely and clear reports to you concerning construction progress, milestones, and other elements
  • Manage the change order process for maximum effectiveness while minimizing delay and costs
  • Monitor the construction process to anticipate difficulties, resolve issues early, and keep the work flowing
  • Administer progress payments to assure that work milestones are being met and that all current expenses are paid in a timely manner
  • Assure that the contractor provides a safe workplace, both for project workers and, in renovations, for building occupants and other personnel who continue to use the facility during construction
  • Coordinate the final stages of construction, including contractors’ punch lists and similar tasks that must be completed, often in a very compressed time period.
  • Help you plan for installation of systems, furniture, and other resources to be sure everything is ready when it needs to be.

At Stevens Construction Co., Inc., we try to develop relationships with our clients and provide them with a job well done. Our value lies in the convenience of our comprehensive services, quality that is unsurpassed in the industry, and exceptional reliability. We truly feel our services, not only preserve our client’s investments, but enhance their worth by improving functionality and reliability. We understand client needs and the crucial role in which we play. We are here, we are prepared, and we will not fail.

In February of 2004 construction was completed on our 25,000 square foot building.We have now been in our building for over two years and could not be any happier with our building and the entire experience. Doug Stevens and his team at Stevens Construction were great to work with and made the process a positive one.

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